103 New Jobs Allocated Under The Ministry of National Security

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The government in its continued quest to lift the level of public services delivered, is continuously improving the quality and quantity of the human resource it employs.

In this regard, a number of new positions have been created in strategically important areas of the public service to enhance service delivery to the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

One hundred and three (103) additional posts have been allocated under the Ministry of National Security. The workforce of the Police Service has been increased by eighty-one (81) Police Recruits.

These additional boots on the ground will give a much-needed boost to the citizen security and public safety. Ten (10) new posts were added to the fire services department; this in addition to two new fire tenders will serve to strengthen the department ability to respond to emergencies.

The Coast Guard Services had eight (8) new posts added which in conjunction with the new patrol vessel will serve to improve the effectiveness of this service.

With the full commissioning of the Argyle International Airport much attention is given to lifting and maintaining high standard of services at that facility. Accordingly, four (4) additional posts have been allotted to Aviation Services.

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