Dr Jerrol Thompson To Head SVG Medical Cannabis Authority

The former member of parliament for North Leeward Dr Jerrol Thompson will head the SVG Medical Cannabis Authority.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonslaves on Friday 18th January 2019, who stated that cabinet had agreed that Dr Thompson will be the CEO of the licensing granting body.

Gonsalves said, there are persons which cabinet have advanced to sit on the board, along with an individual which has been selected as chairman, however, he noted they have not received confirmation from that individual as yet.

The Prime Minister said there would be advertisements shortly for positions including that of Account, a Medical Officer and a Technologist.

” This has to be done because the law sets up a particular structure which should be followed”.

Gonsalves also stated that the advisory council would have to be named which is a separate body and said persons have already been identified for such.

He said that a very distinguished Vincentian would be made the chairman of the council, saying that the individual has been involved with the consultations from the very start.

An appeals tribunal will also be set up as part of the Medical Cannabis Industry.

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