Why Did You Allow This To Happen To Me GOD?

By Glenroy Thomas

Questions we have, answers we don’t. I am losing courage Lord because I don’t see the gain. I am hopeless Lord because I can’t see your face. If I take the I out the sentence how do you expect me to see? Now I am left with another question; why did you allow this to happen to me?

We ask so many questions expecting a certain answer. We don’t get the answer we want so we say God didn’t answer; he did but we can’t remember because our eyes were clouded by our problems and not the answer.

He responded on time but we were too caught up in the fact we don’t like what was happening to us that we failed to see what he was doing for us.

By the time we realize what God was doing for us all along, it is the same time we realize how long we would’ve carried a problem for while having the answer to it.

Keep your eyes on Jesus because he does things we don’t like. Stay connected to his network and don’t be like peter and take your sight off. The job you have now is a result of that scar you would’ve hated when growing up.

Your question then would’ve been “why did you allow this to happen to me God?” well the Lord knew that if gave you that scar you would then go into a period of depression. As a result, he got the opportunity to place the right set of people into your life that then caused you to change and be the person you are now.

That change didn’t go unnoticed hence the reason you got the job that would’ve all started from a scar you hated and questioned God about.

You see, it’s only after the trial ends you look back and realize that God was there with you through it all but it never felt like he was there while you were going through it.

Maybe it’s time for us to start looking for God during our problems. as a result, we would worry less; we would be more at ease because we know for a fact he is there every step of the way.

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