Medical cannabis In SVG: The Top 30 Investment Advantages

November 5th, 2018….St Vincent and the Grenadines presents a well-regulated, clearly defined, export-oriented, medical cannabis industry which will help to transform the lives and livelihoods of traditional cannabis farmers.

SVG’s position within the global cannabis martlet place is reinforced by a number of distinct investment advantages.

The new venture is widely expected to create opportunities for investment on a global scale, particularly, for Vincentian nationals and other investors who can secure a space on the country’s cannabis production platform.

The value-added medical products derived from cannabis would bring much relief to patients and establish an international platform for scientific research and development.

Engrained in Vincentian history, from the rich volcanic soils to the warm tropical climate, SVG presents the perfect opportunity for cannabis investment. These are, arguably, the top 30 competitive advantages.

  1. Tropical climate ideal for extra low-cost ‘outdoor’ cannabis production.
  2. Over 50 years of experience in cannabis cultivation.
  3. More than 2000 traditional cannabis farmers.
  4. Decades of experience in high-quality agriculture commercial production and export.
  5. Availability of arable lands.
  6. Rich volcanic soil suitable for producing high quality agriculture products
  7. International air and sea port connections.
  8. Significant investment in education thus creating a working age population that is ready to embrace and support development of this type.
  9. Highly trained workers in modern agricultural technology.
  10. 365 days of efficient water supply.
  11. An exotic tourism location, with 32 islands and cays, and over a quarter million cruise ship passenger visits forecasted for 2019.
  12. Multimillion-dollar state investments in green energy:
  13. 10-Megawatt Geothermal Plant
  14. Solar Energy
  15. Hydro Energy.
  16. Experience in certification of Fairtrade, HACCP, ISO’s, Global GAP and EurepGAP existing.
  17. Certification in GMP, FSMA, BRC, GPP and GAP by May 2019.
  18. Movement toward 100% organic production in agriculture, which begun with a total ban on all glyphosate products including ‘Round Up’, Glyphos and ‘Touchdown.’
  19. A stable Investment environment.
  20. Stable currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar pegged to the USD.
  21. Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  22. Unique strains of domestically produced Cannabis available for scientific research and development.
  23. A history of, and continuous full compliance will all International narcotics treaties and conventions.
  24. Simple guidelines for licensing, monitoring, production and export.
  25. Well-crafted legislation aimed at providing full accountability: unique opportunities for investment and draws on recent changes in the global cannabis industry.
  26. Fiscal incentives to reduce startup cost for investors.
  27. Well-staffed and trained ‘Modern Cannabis Authority’ to ensure effective / efficient regulations.
  28. Opportunities to invest in other non-cannabis sectors such as tropical agriculture, tourism and other emerging markets.
  29. Medicinal cannabis healthcare products and services would be accessible in SVG.
  30. Cannabis is likely to be VAT exempted since it is an agricultural commodity.
  31. An established national bio-pesticide, bio-fertilizer production platform to support organic cannabis production.
  32. At least 10% of all cannabis raw material for processing must be bought from traditional farmers.
  33. St. Vincent and the Grenadines maintains a politically stable environment.

The Top-30 investment advantages has positioned SVG on a solid platform to launch its medical cannabis program.

The country has a distinct advantage to become a global giant in the medical cannabis industry.

By Sean Rose Media and Communications Specialist. 


  1. huh. Hydro energy is a competitive advantage? Bio pesticide production platform? Really!?
    Please desist from copying and pasting. Try and explain the bulletin points instead of listing them.
    30 competitive advantages, yet you mentioned 33.

  2. Lets see what happen. Would it be a criminal enterprise controlled by well-oiled politicians and foreign mobs? The head of the present administration , said that every inch of the Island belongs to him. Would he be the CEO and will it be his family enterprise? These are questions that one must ask

  3. Nearly all the “advantages” you list apply to traditional crops like sugar cane, cotton, tobacco, arrowroot, ground provisions, and bananas.
    But all of these and others crops have either disappeared, are in serious decline, or have been resurrected time and again only to disappear after a few years for well known reasons headed by economies of scale (too few large, economically viable holdings), the absence of mechanization, and high labour costs compared to larger, cheaper producers.
    The same holds true for medical marijuana which will never get off the ground more especially because many big countries are years ahead of us in both research and production.
    More particularly, marijuana is such a hardy and adaptable plant that it can be grown under a huge number of different environmental conditions both outdoors and indoors. We have absolutely no advantage because of our climate, rainfall,or soil conditions compared to other producers around the world with either the same or very different growing conditions.

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