Met Office: Increase Cloudiness,Showers from Tropical Wave

(Weather Outlook) – A tropical wave presently located just east of the island chain is moving westward near 15 mph.

This wave is expected to bring an increase in cloudiness and showers over St. Vincent and the Grenadines from late tonight into Saturday.

Due to a relatively dry and stable mid to upper-level atmosphere, showers are expected to be occasional, and light to moderate in intensity.

By late Saturday into Sunday, a gradual improvement in the weather condition is anticipated as the high-pressure system builds behind the westward moving wave.

Easterly trade winds ranging between 15 km/h to 35 km/h should continue during the forecast period.

Slight to moderate easterly sea swells are expected with swells peaking near 2.0 meters (7.0 feet)

A layer of Saharan dust haze is forecast to move over the islands by late Saturday.

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