Trinidad Authorities Stopped 20M Dollars Worth Of Cocaine Bound For SVG

Customs and Excise Division officers in Trinidad acting on a tip-off intercepted a multi-million dollar cocaine shipment destined for St Vincent on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

A report by TV6 News said that the cocaine worth some 20 Million dollars,  was stashed in coffee bottles and weighed some 43.9 kilograms, it was found by Customs and Excise Division officers at the Queens Wharf in Port Of Spain.

Customs and Excise Division officers told the media outlet that the cocaine shipment was bound for SVG, and was to be loaded on the motor vessel Elizabeth 2,  which was expected to leave Trinidad on Friday.

According to the TV6, the officers had the shipment under surveillance since Tuesday 22nd May 2018.

Sources believed that traffickers had already shipped out a quantity of the cocaine from the same shipment via another vessel, while officers believed they would have interrupted a major trafficking operation.

On the same day airport authorities in Trinidad held a woman with 3.5 kilograms of cocaine hidden in her hand luggage,  the woman was destined for Toronto, Canada.

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