SVG Working Towards Setting Up Sex Offenders Registry

When a sex offender boards a cruise ship to St Vincent authorities are notified, this according to Station Sargent Brian Archibald, the same goes for a sex offender coming to SVG via any aircraft.

The Sergeant made his comments at the Calder SDA church as a guest speaker on the topic, “Teenage Pregnancy and Child Abuse”.

Archibald told the gathering that currently there are Vincentians here who are registered sex offenders in the United Kingdom.

“It’s unfortunate that they left here nice boys to join military organizations, but they have committed sex offences and they return home as registered sex offenders”.

Archibald further told the gathering that the state is now pushing for the establishment of a registry for sex offenders.

“Generally what that will do is put us on level ground with the rest of the world, so information can be shared to say this man is a registered sex offender in St Vincent, he needs to be watched”.

He says at the moment they are putting their all into making this a reality sooner rather than later.

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