Stephen "BAGE" Pollard Enters The Political Battlefield

Come May 24th, 2018, popular caller to morning talk show radio here in SVG, Stephen “BAGE” Pollard will contest as an Independent candidate in general elections in his home country of Barbados.

Pollard says he’s hoping that he will be the one to unseat long-serving BLP Member of Parliament for St. Andrew, George Payne.

Pollard, a retired lab technician, in speaking to the media on the steps of the Barbados National Housing Corporation, said that his goal is to bring a breath of fresh air to the parish of St. Andrew.

Pollard made the comments as he expressed concern about much-needed roadworks, choked gutters and dilapidated sporting facilities in that constituency.

He said that over the last 24 years, 14 under a Barbados Labour Party government and the last 10 under the Democratic Labour Party, the constituency has been sorely lacking in many areas.

Photo Barbados AdvocatePrime Minister Freundel Stuart (left) greeting Independent St. Andrew candidate Stephen Pollard

“People in this country say they crying out for change, so I will bring some change to St. Andrew for the people,” the 65-year old declared.

Pollard revealed plans to canvass the length and breadth of the constituency in the lead-up to May 24 and to hold a number of spot meetings in the St. Andrew communities.

Pollard said that while he does not have deep pockets like other politicians, his commitment is no less and he is determined if elected, to work for the people and be amongst them on a daily basis, not only when the election rolls around.

“I going to Parliament to work for the people! I ain’t going to Parliament to work for myself!” Pollard maintains.

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