"What A Catastrophe, What A Cartoon" Says Bing

Son in law of former Prime Minister and founder of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Dwight “Bing” Joseph on his “OMG” in the morning radio program on BOOM FM has called out the current crop of representatives for the party led by Dr. Godwin Friday and other members of his team one day after staging protest actions outside the high court in Kingstown.

Bing relaying to the nation his interaction pointed out the “catastrophe and irony” which took place on a protest staged by the NDP against sexual abuse and violence especially amongst young girls in SVG.

He noted that while the protest was taking place outside the high court, inside was the NDP’s own Senator Kay Bacchus Baptiste representing former Police officer Mr. Pinder, accused of sexual molestation against his daughter.

Lawyer Grant Connell who was the ex-cop lawyer at the Preliminary Inquiry (P.I.) stage of the case withdrew from representing the former police officer at the trial.

The case was then taken up by Lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste who was able to convince a nine-member jury to vindicate Mr. Pinder in a case that has sparked much public discussion.

Bing further went on to ask if NDP would picket the office of Senator Baptiste.

The radio host noted that the NDP must stop being dishonest since they are not only speaking to their echo chamber.

“You are trying to get swing voters, independent thinkers, which you guys seem to can’t get, the party just can’t get it right, because of all these lies, and I have to start thinking these lies are just deliberate”.

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