Venezuela: Ilegal blockade against threatens the protection of 15,000 kidney patients

(AVN) – The economic and financial blockade carried out by the governments of the United States, their co-conspirators in the continent and the European Union against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, have put at risk the health of some 15,000 patients in the country who receive dialysis treatment.

The threat to the health of these patients became evident after international banks blocked more than 7 million dollars to Venezuela for a transaction aimed at purchasing supplies for the therapies of these thousands of patients.

This complaint was made last Monday by the Minister for Health, Luis Lopez, who explained that for more than a week this process has been carried out against the health of the Venezuelan people, because the international financial entities do not allow the transaction to be effective, in order to guarantee the life of kidney patients.

In that sense, Minister Lopez said last Monday that the Bolivarian Government is taking action to resolve this new boycott against the country.

The economic and financial blockade against Venezuela has worsened after representatives of the Venezuelan extreme right, such as Julio Borges and the fugitives of the Venezuelan justice Antonio Ledezma and Luisa Ortega Díaz, among others, have dedicated themselves to execute a campaign of dirty war against the country to implement more measures against the Venezuelan people in order to suffocate the national economy and demoralize the population.

In November 2017, the national government denounced that the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, ordered the BSN Medical laboratory -one of the few manufacturers of Primaquine in the region, medicine for the treatment against malaria- to prohibit the sale of this medicine to Venezuela.

Despite this illegal blockade against Venezuela and its government, the Bolivarian Revolution is carrying out a series of actions to maintain the protection of the population with social investment above 74%, which is reinforced by the renewal of the entire system national public health and comprehensive protection offered to the people through the innovative system of the Carnet de la Patria (ID of the homeland).

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