Guyana: Two bandits shot dead

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) – Two armed men were shot dead on Friday during a robbery attempt at a grocery store on Durban Street, Georgetown.

One of the men was shot dead in the store, while the other was chased and shot by the police as they were engaged in a shootout.

The two dead men have been identified as 26-year-old Trevor Barrow and 27-year-old Calvin Dover.

The incident occurred just after 10 o’ clock Friday morning as the rain was pouring in the city. The two men reportedly gained access to the store through an open back door and demanded money from the owners.

It is suspected that the owner of the business place who is a licensed firearm holder, may have first engaged the men.

A policeman on a motorcycle was close by and his attention was reportedly drawn to the business place as customers were seen running out.

He engaged the men in gunfire. One of the men bolted from the scene and was eventually cornered in a house with gunshot injuries as his escape bid failed. He later died.

At the grocery store at Hardina and Durban, family members of one of the men were left in shock and screamed out in anguish as they gathered at the scene.

Investigators spent several hours at the scene questioning the employees and managers of the business place. The Investigators appear convinced that the robbery was not planned and may have been random.

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