Vincentians Of Indian Descent Eligible For Citizenship In India

Come June 1st the Indian community here would have double the celebrations, this as the process is nearing completion for people of Indian descent in St Vincent to apply for citizenship in India.

The information was disclosed to News784 by Junior Bacchus President of the SVG Indian Heritage Foundation.

The Indian government has officially agreed and passed a law to allow persons up to the fourth generation once it can be proven that your four parents were of Indian origin can obtain citizenship.

Bacchus said with this in place, Vincentians could apply through the embassy in Suriname for Indian citizenship.

The citizenship would allow the individual to enjoy all the rights and benefits of a citizen of India, including owing residential property, access to health care and educational benefits, with one exception.

A document with the names of the original Indians who came here on eight ships from India during the period 1861 – 1880, was presented to the Indian ambassador to the region recently.

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