Shenton Farms Seeking Persons To Grow Coffee In SVG

Shenton Coffee Farms a Vincentian company dedicated to the reintroduction of coffee to the agricultural sector are calling on landowners who would like to lease, or sell, land suitable for growing coffee.

The company stated that those farmers, who are interested in growing coffee, the seedlings, technical support, and monitoring, would be provided throughout planting, growing, picking and processing at no charge.

According to a release from Shenton Farms,  coffee growing is ideal in cool and shady locations,  while the crop is suitable for intercropping.

The company, however, noted that the crop will grow on slopes and flatlands.

Persons seeking more information or to arrange a meeting can call +784 527 9615 / +784 530 1952.

Persons can also can directly to the offices at Blue Lagoon, Ratho Mill between 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Shenton Farms has signed an Agreement with the Government of St. Vincent and The Grenadines to help diversify the agricultural economy. They are growing Arabica Kona and Gesha coffee which can be intercropped with bananas creating a new entrant to the global coffee market.

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