Community Development, Cooperatives Division deliver training to vulnerable women

The Ministry of National Mobilisation through the Community Development and Cooperatives Division and the Social Protection Unit conducted a one-day training session at the Conference room of the Cooperatives Division under the theme “women’s empowerment through income generating initiatives.

The session catered to single mothers from communities targeted by the Social Protection Unit for Social Empowerment.  It was a follow up to a Business Development training workshop held earlier in the month in Biabou.  That workshop was organised by the Social Protection Unit within the Ministry of National Mobilisation and laid the foundation for this session.  This session provided the base on which the concept of income generating initiatives can be established to assist the families to meet some of their financial obligations.  Presentations were geared towards motivating participants to engage in a Co-operative that can enhance their living conditions and livelihoods.

The session was chaired by Mr. Jennifer Williams; Inspector 2 at the Co-operative and Community development Division.  Brief remarks were given by Ms. Orita Peters Case Worker at the Social Protection Unit.

The presentations looked at the following areas:

  1. Principles of forming a Co-operative which was presented by Community Development field officer Nazinga Quashie
  2. Benefits of forming a Co-operative –was presented by Administrative Officer at the Co-operatives Division Kwesi Cato
  3. Practices of Co-operatives by Chief Inspector of Co-operatives Patterson Homer.

Mr. Homer engaged the participants in a plenary and way forward session as they considered the benefits of forming a Co-operative geared towards improving their life circumstances while being supported through the Ministry’s programs.

Tuesday’s session proved productive as participants made a decision to form a Co-operative under the name “SVG Women Empowerment Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited”.  A steering committee was established in comprising of the following persons and posts:

  1. Cyrilene Edwards – Chairperson
  2. Annetta Lucas – Secretary-Treasurer
  3. Ayoke Lewis – PRO
  4. Kilolo King – Committee member
  5. Moreta Arrington – Committee member

In moving forward, the steering committee will convene a meeting with the Officers from the Co-operative and Community Development Division, and the Social Protection Unit on Wednesday 23rd May, 2018.  At this meeting, the Members of the Steering Committee will be inducted in their roles and responsibilities.  At the same time, work will commence on the development of the Bye-laws for the proposed “SVG Women Empowerment Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited”.

It is therefore evident that the Ministry is continuing to work on its Key Program Strategies for 2018 which include transitioning families out of poverty under the social protection caption and oversee the formation, registration and supervision of economically viable micro-enterprises under the Cooperative Division.

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