Vincentian Chocolate Enters European Market As ‘Islands Chocolate’

The St Vincent Cocoa Company is expanding into the European market, and will be rebranded as ‘Islands Chocolate’.

Managing Director, Andrew Hadley announced that their product launch will take place in the United Kingdom this Friday, May 18th.

Hadley said the time right to expand into the European market the event will be televised by ITV, the UK’s largest commercial channel.

He says the new brand In addition to the 72 percent [chocolate], we will be introducing two other bars; 85 percent extra dark chocolate and 80 percent with Cocoa Nibs.

“In time, we expect to have many others, and our factory is already experimenting with locally produced ingredients such as coconut, mango and my favourite – Sunset Rum and Raisin,” Hadley stated.

Ahead of the launch of ‘Islands Chocolate’ one tonne of chocolate was sent to the UK in April, and a quarter of it has already been pre-sold.

 He explained that the rich quality of Vincentian Chocolate is a hit in the UK, especially the 80 percent with Cocoa Nibs and that Prestat, who hold the Royal Warrant and have been used to make the Queen’s Easter egg for two consecutive years.

The wrapper of the ‘Islands Chocolate’ will feature St Vincent and the Grenadines in order to bring greater awareness to the country.

The company have also sent the first shipment of cocoa beans to the UK. “The European buyers are willing to pay a significant premium, over three times the world price, due to the quality of SVG cocoa.

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