Contract For Design Consultancy Of The Acute Referral Hospital Signed

UT Pinearq & Mallol Architects  and Laura Anthony Browne, Director of Economic Planning SVG signed the contract for the design consultancy of the Acute Referral Hospital

This is a consultancy that will last 18 months and is financed by the World Bank under the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.

During the visit took the team took the opportunity to learn about the facilities of the current hospital, the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), by the engineers Cecil Harris and Roald Shallow and the administrator Grace Walters.

 In addition, the site was visited for the new design on the former airstrip at Arnos Vale.

Finally, a first work meeting was held at the Ministry of Health where the architects Lluís Hernández and Gustavo López de Pinearq presented the first design ideas.

The meeting, chaired by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health Cuthbert Knights, attended by the MCMH staff: among them, the hospital administrator, the medical director, the Health Planner specialist and the directors of pharmacy, nutrition and nursing.

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