5th AMP Awards To Be Held On Wednesday 30th May

The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (SVG AMP) will be staging its 5th AMP Music Awards on Wednesday 30th May, 2018 at the Peace Memorial Hall. This year’s awards will be held under the theme of “Legendary – Recognizing and honouring extraordinary contributions to Vincentian music in the year 2017” and promises to see special performances by various artistes and musicians.

Furthermore, this year’s ceremony will feature Legendary, Special Honours and Lifetime Awards being presented to Vincentian musicians and artistes for their immeasurable commitments and contributions to the development of the art form over the years.

All patrons of Vincentian music and culture are invited to join us as we celebrate outstanding musicians and icons in our industry. The awards ceremony will begin at 8pm with free admission and all are asked to dress elegantly.

The following is a list of the nominations per category:

Record of the Year

  1. Hance John – Suga Mami
  1. Jahleel Cruickshank –Jesus Did it
  1. Joel “ Dynamite” Tyrell – Brave
  1. Keevin Jackson _ Holy Spirit
  1. L – Pank – Fete After Fete
  1. Problem Child – Neither me
  1. Stamina Smurf – Happiness

Best New Artiste

  1. Grabba Finesse
  1. Jahleel Cruickshank
  1. Joanna Christopher
  1. Keevin Jackson
  1. Shena Collis

Songwriter of the Year

  1. Claydon “Dymez” Roache & Elrico “Da Pixel” Hunte
  1. Gary Bynoe
  1. Hayden Billingy
  1. Kemuel “Karbon” Stapleton
  1. Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh
  1. Shernelle “ Skarpyon” Williams
  1. Shirtz “Problem Child” James

Disc Jockey of the Year

  1. 2 Kool Chris
  1. D J Blaze
  1. Kaptain John
  1. Tha Fugitive

Musician of the Year

  1. Andrew James
  1. Darron Andrews
  1. Rodney Small
  1. Zan George

Entertainer of the Year

  1. Rodney Small
  1. Skinny Fabulous
  1. Joel “ Dynamite” Tyrell
  1. Darron Andrews
  1. Shirtz “Problem Child” James

Producer of the Year

  1. Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell
  1. Kamal Archibald
  1. Kemuel “Karbon” Stapleton
  1. Lester Iroha
  1. Mark Cyrus
  1. Parry Jack
  1. Wetty Beatz

Best Live Band

  1. Blazin Fyah
  1. K-Netik Band
  1. Vykins Band

Best Vocal Collaboration

  1. Ellsworth John feat Gala Major: Honey I Love You
  1. Hayden Billingy & Friends: Peace for SVG
  1. Kaviedes feat. Fireman: All Day
  1. Shaunelle Mc Kenzie & First Lady: Squatters
  1. Skinny Fabulous feat Azariah Gibson & Darron Andrews – Good People

Gospel single of the Year

  1. Gary Bynoe: Sovereignty
  1. Hayden Billingy : No life
  1. Jahleel Cruickshank – Jesus did it
  1. Keevin Jackson – Holy Spirit
  1. Stacey Little – Nothing is impossible

Calypso single of the year

  1. Fyah Empress: Guilty
  1. I-pa: 40 years
  1. Joanna Christopher: Good Friends Gone
  1. Man Zangie: Enough is Enough
  1. Shena Collis: No more

Soca single of the Year

  1. Hypa 4000 – Rhythm Section
  1. Dymez & Da Pixel – All ah dem
  1. Dymez & Da Pixel – Come
  1. Problem Child – Doh kill the vibe
  1. Skinny Fabulous – Watch thing

Best Christmas Single

  1. Alhaji James : The big piece
  1. London Ice: Christmas Morning
  1. Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh: Christmas Rub Down
  1. Stacey Ollivierre – Pass It on this Christmas day
  1. Yaphatto : Santa Sensi

Ragga Soca single of the Year

  1. Hance John – Sugar mami
  1. L- Pank – Fete after fete
  1. Maffie – For Life
  1. Shaunelle Mc Kenzie – Soca Antidote
  1. Skarpyon – Stay Home Wine
  1. Stamina Smurf – Happiness

Dancehall single of the year

  1. Cain- True Friends
  1. Dymez & Da Pixel – Smile Pon my face / Brave
  1. Fresh one – No Failure
  1. Keith Currency – Wine fi me

Best Music Video

  1. Keevin Jackson – I’ll never leave
  1. Ellsworth John Feat. Gala mayor: Honey I love you
  1. Gary Bynoe – Sovereignty
  1. Hayden Billingy – No Life
  1. Skinny Fabulous feat Azariah Gibson & Darron Andrews – Good People

Hip Hop/ R&B Single of the Year

  1. Maddup- All I need (radio edit)
  1. Mdzeey – Working
  1. Gary Bynoe – Revelations of the heart
  1. Gary Bynoe – Sovereignty

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