TRINIDAD: Fed-up citizens deliver vigilante justice

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – OUTRAGED citizens who caught an alleged thief on High Street San Fernando on Wednesday, taught him a lesson he may never forget.

Several videos circulating on social media showed crowds of people shouting abuses and obscene language at the teenager.

He was also beaten into submission by several people. One of those people was the man he robbed and beat.

When officers of the San Fernando Municipal Police and San Fernando CID arrived, an angry mob followed the officers and hurled insults at the suspect.

“Yesterday had a (expletive) shooting here boy, beat he (expletive)”, ent you don’t want to go and look for wuk”, “Yuh want gold chain eh, take dat”, “This man routing since morning, what you hiding your face for? “, and “Why he don’t raise up he face, ent you want to rob people?” were some of the remarks from witnesses.

The suspect was caught by a group of people who witnessed a vendor being robbed of his gold chain around 11.30 a.m. outside Chicken Unlimited on lower High Street.

The suspect allegedly pointed a firearm at the vendor while his (suspect’s) accomplice snatched the victim’s gold chain.

As the victim struggled with the accomplice, the suspect started to hit the victim, police said.

People who were also plying their various trades on the busy street, joined in the fracas and struggled with the suspect.

The fight spilled over across the street, where the suspect was detained in a shopping plaza.

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