Department of Energy Holds Public Meetings On Geothermal Project

The Department of Energy, Prime Minister’s Office in collaboration with The St. Vincent Geothermal Company Limited (SVGCL) will be hosting two public meetings to share comprehensive information on the upcoming civil works phase of the Geothermal Project, including operations to date, on:

  1. Saturday, May 19th at 3:00 PM at the Georgetown Secondary School and,
  1. Sunday, May 20th at 3:00 PM at North Union Learning Resource Center.

On Saturday May 19, the school bus will leave the Old Sandy Bay Primary School grounds at 2 pm picking up people on the main road from Sandy Bay old Primary School to the Georgetown Secondary School and from Colonaire Bridge to Georgetown Secondary School.

On Sunday May 20, the school bus will pick up persons at 2:00 pm from Stubbs Clinic and  along the main road to North Union Learning Resource.

The Geothermal Project progresses to the civil works required for well drilling.

These works, which are set to commence in late May, involve the development of required drilling infrastructure (i.e. drill pads and water supply system).

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