Around-the-World Helicopter Tour stopping at Ocho Rios


The EPIC Tour takes off from Whistler, Canada, on May 1st and lands 84 days later, precisely where it started. It will be stepping foot in more than 40 countries, flying over five different continents, clocking 340 flight hours. A conference will take place in every stop – “Entrepreneurship & Healthy Lifestyle – two sides of the same coin”. The event is open for all but specifically aimed at future entrepreneurs.

“It’s a huge challenge. It takes courage, planning, persistence. Precisely the same three requirements one finds in any successful entrepreneur and again exactly the same three requirements one depends upon to embrace a healthy lifestyle. That’s the core of what I’ll be sharing in these conferences, since those qualities accurately explain my personal and professional success”.

The words belong to Ruben Dias, a portuguese self-made serial entrepreneur with 47 years of age and almost 30 of entrepreneurship. “I’m a firm believer that the sooner you start, the higher your chances of success”. Ruben will be the lead speaker at every conference, but won’t be alone in this adventure.

Mischa Gelb, the seasoned pilot, and Diogo Dias, the social media whiz, complete the trio. Three guys inside a helicopter, flying round the world. The helicopter was no random choice. “In a cockpit one finds a precise fine-tuned environment with no room for mistakes and little tolerance for blurred focus. Pretty much the same environment you should be grooming inside your own business. Our conferences will show exactly how to achieve that corporative state of mind”, explains Ruben.

The EPIC Tour is sponsored by a venture capital ( and a plant-based food lounge (, both founded and managed by Ruben Dias himself – “the companies sponsoring the EPIC Tour are real world examples of what I’ll be sharing in every conference: FastTrack is an innovation enabler and Eight is a healthy lifestyle promoter. It’s important to understand from the get-go that there’s much more to be gained in a world filled with happy, accomplished, healthy people”.

“EPIC stands for Empowering People & Inspiring Change and that’s what we will be doing all over the planet” Ruben concludes.

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