USA: Woman mauled to death by seven ‘very short-legged dogs’

(MIAMI HERALD) – Seven small dogs — all with legs shorter than an adult’s hand — mauled an Oklahoma woman to death while she was outside of her home last week.

Tracy Garcia, 52, of Ardmore, was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs on Thursday and died from her injuries, KTEN reported.

One of the seven dogs was shot after charging at a deputy who was responding to the attack, KXII reported. The other six dogs were taken to Westwood Veterinary Hospital, where they were euthanized at the owners request.

Shelter co-director Tena Layton told The Daily Ardmoreite that six of the dogs were about one year old, and the seventh one — about three years old — was possibly the pack’s mother.

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The younger dogs are believed to be a “standard dachshund and terrier mix,” the shelter’s euthanasia technician Amanda Dinwiddie told KXII, and the older one is possibly a border collie mix.

“A predominant breed in these dogs is definitely standard dachshund,” Dinwiddie told the TV station. “They have really noticeable characteristics like their knobby legs, knees, very short legged dogs and their coats.”

She said all of the dogs were less than 40 pounds each.

None of the dogs had legs longer than an adult’s hand, The Daily Ardmoreite reported based off of photos kept by the shelter.

It is unclear what led to the attack, The Associated Press reported, and the investigation is ongoing.

The dogs were infested with fleas and ticks, according to media reports. There were no other visible health concerns.

“We were cleaning ticks off ourselves all day,” Dinwiddie told KXII. “They are very covered, you can tell they have been living out in the woods.”

The dogs were not tested for rabies, and there are no plans to run those tests.

“If there was any possible issue of them biting someone else then it would’ve been (done),” Dinwiddle told KXII, “but the dogs are deceased as well as the victim so there’s just no reason to go spend the thousands and thousands of dollars.”

No arrests have been made.

“This is a bad situation, a very unfortunate situation,” Bryant told KTEN. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims. This is just a bad deal all the way around.”

KTEN reported that the district attorney’s office will review autopsy reports and other relevant information to determine if the dogs’ owner will face charges.

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