Cuban Party, ULP strengthen relations

A four-member delegation from the Unity Labour Party (ULP), led by Assistant General Secretary Carlos James, is currently on a one-week visit to Cuba (from May 13 to 20th) as both the Cuban Party and the ULP seeks to strengthen its relations on the heels of political transition in that country under newly elected president, Miguel Diaz- Canel Bermudez.

According to James, the meeting comes at an important time as both Cuba and St. Vincent and the Grenadines continue to strengthen its relations against new threats to the progressive movements across the region.

“This is an important time in our political history as a region; we have the option of either working closer together in our struggle against imperialism or allow the imperialists to divide our political position at a State and governmental level.

The political attacks against our people come in many forms and we have seen examples through the economic blockade in Cuba and now sanctions against Venezuela,” James said.

According to James, the political developments taking place across the region now provides an important platform for progressive governments within the regional bloc to deepen their relations.

“We are dealing with transitions in leadership across many Latin American and Caribbean countries and this comes with the emergence of threats to our sovereignty and our right to chart a course towards the development of our people without political interference,” James said.

Jorge Arias, Vice Deputy of the Department of International Relations of the CC-CPC

According to Jorge Arias, Vice Deputy of the Department of International Relations of the CC-CPC, Cuba is grateful to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for its support to the Cuban people.

“When St. Vincent and the Grenadines vote against the US economic blockade it is making a contribution to the revolution and it is expressing its support to the Cuban people and its continued fight against imperialism,” Arias noted.

During the one-week visit the delegation will call on the Cuban National Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution.

Constituency Representative for West St. George Cecil Mckie, West Kingstown ULP caretaker Deborah Charles and Augustine Ferdinand forms part of the delegation. The delegation returns to the State on Sunday.

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