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By Natalie Harewood as the voice of the People in an era of Pop-Politics.

Isn’t it comical – the turn that regional and international politics has taken during the coming of age of the “millennial” era? Forget “baby boomers” being labelled the most eccentric generation of western world thinkers.

We, the millennials present to you Donald J Trump! And lately, my dear Caribbean counterparts, hail Natalie Harewood!

This technologically advanced, erratic and willfully contentious generation is turning the western hemisphere upside down. I do say, I am subtly proud of our influence.

On the other hand, to be proud of our effect on politics, I am still not quite sure how to feel. Particularly because millenials were not responsible for Donald J Trump! In any case, it was the misuse and overindulgence of our social media spaces and trends by the old folk who just don’t understand the navigational rules of our virtual space.

Seriously though, don’t you hate it when your groovy aunt and smooth operator uncle double-tap and like too much content on social media? Go to bed man! And stop commenting on my thirst-trapping pics!

Populism is on the rise and its partially because people ‘double-tap’ too much! The heart which was once a symbol of endearment means little to nothing in our virtual social spaces. Somehow this truth is not being grasped by persons unfamiliar with new social media culture. Instead, somebody’s ratchet aunty with the purple wig and gold tooth thinks, every “like” and sarcastic “flame” is a fair score for her confidence and choice in attire.

The algorithms that we have created for our own comedic relief is being processed totally different by thinkers of the old age. This may greatly explain why Donald J Trump seats in the White House as the 45th President of the United States. Is it also the reason that Natalie Harewood is hanging up her stripper heels on the utility poles of Bridgetown to be the voice of the People?

So maybe you’re not that into politics and “serious” news does not interest you. But certainly, while scrolling through your social media timeline, you did come across your Instagram favourite – Natalie Harewood – announcing that she would be contesting for a seat in the Barbados House of Parliament.

The thirty-six (36) year old infamous sex worker is now cleaning up her act and closing shop, to dedicate her time to being the voice of the poor People.

With an apparent loyal social base of forty-four thousand (44K) followers, she is the leading topic of discussion in bajan political news. With a humble, relatable and grassroots campaign, she is perceived as the “ratchet demagogue”- appealing to the desires and superficial prejudices of the popular and glorified ghetto, trap, and ratchet culture. I mean, look at Cardi B’s glow upon those mannerisms. Of course, Harewood’s climb is possible and probable.

Her notoriety is increasing as her campaign continues to build and grow, even after she discarded the clout pimp – Charlie Spice – as her official campaign manager. Nonetheless, why is she being recognized for all the wrong things and not her genuine pursuit of justice and equality for the People of Bridgetown?

Traditional news media outlets and the entitled academists who are so fixated on “political correctness” won’t let Natalie be great. The attempt to suffocate her representative voice on the grounds that her “lunacy” and “ignorance” is criminal and not worth appreciation and study, is exactly why her support base is growing.

Elitist patterns in Caribbean politics, is why a great disinterest exists in young voters. Their voices are not being heard. They are being either rejected, silenced or ignored by the educated elites.

Let’s be serious though, Harewood’s story is not as shocking or outrageous as St. Lucia’s plaintain-gate with Dr.Raymond because her lifestyle has always been public knowledge. Perhaps, it is even less shocking than the Goodass Gonsalves of St.Vincent.

Like father like son, they both stay on top of sexual scandals in the region. So why is there bias and prejudice for these men’s immoralities against Ms Harewood’s? She is a simple, everyday, Bridgetown woman shaped by socio-political struggles.

Her average parliamentary seat contender is not simple, but rather above average in intellect and its false equivalencies of economic status and wealth.

The ratchet princess has always been honest and transparent about the immoralities of her past and how they align with the socio-economic climate of Barbados (aka THE STRUGGLE).

This struggle is the engine of Natalie Harewood’s political campaign and it is taking her places that no other campaign has easily achieved.

Setting aside textbook political science and instructional economics that the average man knows nothing about, what do the other candidates have to offer? Being out of touch and out of sight for four out of five political years is not cutting it anymore.

Young and disenfranchised voters are becoming increasingly upset and disinterested in politics that does not give them a seat at the table. “Like c’mon? What do I care about a damned GDP? Tell me why these white tourists aren’t spending money.” Natalie Harewood, like Donald

Trump speaks fluently in the language of the poor and disenfranchised. She certainly does not have to speak the Queen’s English to get her base to understand that she is genuine about speaking up for a better, stronger society.

The axis of western politics is shifting away from politics based solely on academist, capitalist economics. It is now more grassroots social politics which emphasizes on “free-think” rather than rationale and theories read from thick philosophy textbooks.

Yet, without a doubt, there needs to be a balance of the two. Too many haphazard thinkers lacking a clear and concise logical pattern would surely be our demise. That is to say, politicians need to pay closer attention to the thinkings and way of life of all the common people.

By paying attention and even pretending in the slightest to be concerned about popular ratchet culture, they can have a greater impact and assurance of getting their political ideologies and voices across. And if they decide against it; well…

Long live the ratchet demagogue!

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