24yro Before The Court On The Charge Of Murder

Tevin Adams-Bobb a 24-year-old resident of Rose Place is now before the Serious Offences Court on the charge of murder.

Adams-Bobb is accused of inflicting several gun-shot wounds to the body of Alfonso Davy a 29-year-old male of New Montrose on August 6th, 2016 which resulted in Davy’s death.

Following the incident, Adams-Bobb is said to have fled the country and was subsequently caught with a portion of marijuana in Grenada and served a 2 years jail sentence.

 On completion of his term of imprisonment, the accused was deported back to St. Vincent.

  He was taken into custody on arrival at the Argyle International Airport and was subsequently arrested and charged or the offence.

He was remanded into custody and appeared in Court on Monday, May 7th, 2018 facing the indictable charge.

June 14th, 2018 is the date set for his Preliminary Inquiry.

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