Woman accused of ordering rape of man in ‘contract’ assault

(NEW YORK POST) – An Alaska woman ordered a man to rape another man who owed her money — a “contract” sexual assault to recoup money from a drug debt, authorities said.

Julia Haworth, 30, of St. Michael, told an acquaintance, Austin Matthias, to carry out the April 2017 sexual assault in exchange for “a bottle,” according to court documents filed by the Nome District Attorney’s Office obtained by the Anchorage Daily News.

“I’ve never seen or heard of a case like this before,” Nome Assistant District Attorney Tom Jamgochian told the newspaper. “It is unique.”

A witness told an Alaska state trooper that he watched the sexual assault in the victim’s residence after Haworth “let” Matthias and the man get drunk, court documents show. The witness said Haworth then told Matthias: “Austin, I’m going to need you to rape [the man].”

The victim owed Haworth $15,000, the witness told the trooper. Matthias — also of St. Michael, a village of 400 people where the sale and import of alcohol is banned — then replied to her request “with a ‘sure,’” according to court documents.

The man, according to a sworn affidavit, said the last thing he remembers was being punched in the face by Matthias. He awoke in severe pain and had extensive injuries, including a broken nose, found during an exam days later.

Prosecutors said in court documents that it’s possible Matthias also owed Haworth money, as his ex-wife sent Haworth a check for $1,000 at his request, seemingly believing it would cover a past drug debt. Haworth, in turn, told the victim’s girlfriend he owed her at least $17,000 and possibly up to $27,000, according to a jailhouse letter Matthias wrote his former wife.

Matthias is now facing two felony counts of first-degree sexual assault after being indicted by a grand jury in June. Haworth, meanwhile, has been indicted on solicitation of sexual assault and first-degree sexual assault. Both of their attorneys did not return calls Monday, according to the newspaper.

Haworth and Matthias remain in custody at the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome. They were expected to return to court May 17.

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