Company Want Farmers To Make A Legitimate Living

A spokesperson for Acres Agri Johann Hosctialek says they are willing to work with Vincentian farmers to help them secure titles for their lands.

“For persons who have lands going back to generations and are not sure about the title to the land, legal persons on our team are willing to work in assisting in getting ownership in their name”.

Hosctialek says for locals who are growing the product locally Acres Agri is willing to work with them.

“Because we are going to have an extraction facility, we will not exclude you, we would work with farmers who are already growing the product to improve the quality of their product, we would incorporate them into the cooperatives that would be established”.

Hosctialek says persons are looking at medicinal cannabis as a great opportunity, and their company thanks the government for their foresight.

“Am happy that they saw this as an opportunity to boost the economy, and get more people who have been unemployed into the workforce”.

Hosctialek, says there is a fear that people would get neglected, yes every company wants to make a profit he says, but it must be a win-win situation.

 “Our goal is to see employment and raising the living standards of the Vincentian farmers”.

Hosctialek says that most of the farmers have a rough time in the hills and they are offering those farmers an opportunity to work with their farms.

“You have the experience, you have the know-how, we want to speak with you as farmers, come out of the shadows when the legislation is passed, and be involved in something that’s legitimate, not having to look over your shoulder”.

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