Vincy Mas In Full Swing For 2018

Speaking at the launch of Vincy Mas 2018, head of CDC Ricardo Adams says the organization continues to pay attention to the development of youth in the carnival.

He says this is being done so they can continue to nurture the talents of tomorrow.

Adams said there would be more calypso tent shows across the country this year.

He says mas bands continue to offer the full range of traditional to the ultra modern options.

“ Steel orchestras are in rehearsal, while we continue to develop the school bands festival, and I just want to say congratulations to the Youlou pan movement for celebrating 40 years”.

Adams said rural carnival continues to develop their structures so they can become feeder systems into the national festival and a breeding ground for new talent.

He told persons at the launch that CDC will continue to pay attention to venues, the quality of production and timing of events.

“ The paid all-inclusive options will return this year” Adams stated.

Adams said he is again impressed with the Miss SVG delegates and looks forward to an innovative pagent.

He said Soca Monarch semi-finals will again this year be held outside of Victory Park, and will again be cooler style family event.

Admas said after a successful event last year EVO 4.1 returns as a show where the all-stars meets all the components of carnival.

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