Update On SVG Multi-Purpose Identification System (MPID)

The General Public is requested to note that:

The Multi-Purpose Identification System (MPID) (an OECS initiative) was launched on 11th February, 2015.  Presently, MPID Cards are issued to 4th and 5th Form Students of Secondary Schools under the age of eighteen (18) years who do not qualify for a National Identification Card.

However, Cabinet on 1st March, 2017 granted approval to the issuance of MPID Cards to Returning Nationals who do not qualify for a National Identification Card and are encountering difficulties at Financial Institutions.

A further approval was granted by Cabinet on Wednesday, 11th April, 2018 for the issuance of MPID Cards to Vincentian Nationals sixty (60) years and over.

The MPID Issuance centre is housed at the Registry Department at the old NCB Building. Interested applicants are required to provide an original copy of their Birth Certificate.

Parents and teachers are requested to encourage students to register.  Consent Forms for students are available at the Ministry of Education, Schools and the Registry Department.

Qualified persons are requested to apply.

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