Police Ready To Work With Calder Neighborhood Watch

Speaking at the launch of the Calder Neighborhood watch on Sunday 6th May 6, 2018, chairman of proceedings Inspector Junior Simmons says that he was happy to see the formation of the group and congratulated all the areas involved.

Inspector Simmons said as head of the department that interfaces mostly with neighborhood groups the residents of the various areas are sending a clear signal to all and sundry that they are united in one very important cause and that is to assist the police in keeping the homes and communities safe from crime and other nefarious activities.

Simmons told the gathering that by forming the group it shows the wiliness of residents to partner with the police in helping to prevent and detect crimes, along with bringing these would be perpetrators to Justice.

He said the police in the South Central Division and which Calder is a part of, are eager and willing to work along with residents, as a united front in this worthy cause.

Inspector Simmons told the gathering that a neighbourhood watch is a method of close relations between households in a neighbourhood and the local police or authorities.

He said this is done with the aim of helping people protect themselves and their properties, to reduce crime and improve their local environment.

Inspector Simmons says these can be achieved by improving home security, Greater vigilance and fostering community spirit.

Inspector Simmons also told the gather that a neighbourhood watch is not a vigilante group.

“For instance, if a crime is committed against your person or properties don’t take the law into your own hand to deal with the culprit, it must be reported to the police, giving the necessary information, so that the matter can be resolved to your benefit and the wider community”.

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