Magistrate Court : Retired Soldier Charged for Deception

Ruthland Davis a 68-year-old retired soldier of the United States Army has been arrested and charged by the police at Biabou for deception.

Davis was escorted to the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 and pleaded guilty to the charge.

The Court heard from the Prosecutor Corleen Samuel that on the date in question Davis who lives on the Grenadine of Bequia came to the mainland and approached Berrisford Porter a Prison Officer who operates taxi services opposite Courts SVG Limited and requested the taxi service to Biabou.

Reports are that on that having arrived at Biabou Porter requested payment of the taxi fare during which time Davis refused and as a result, he was driven to the Biabou Police Station where the matter was reported.

Police conducted a search on Davis’ pockets which revealed that he had no money.

Davis in mitigation asked the Court for leniency stating that he had forgotten his wallet on the ferry along with his luggage.

He was ordered to pay the taxi driver $100.00 compensation or be dealt with harshly.

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