Vincy Farmers To Benefit Twice From Medicinal Cannabis Market

Vincentian farmers will benefit from the emerging medicinal cannabis market here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The assurance has come from Lawyer for Acres Agri Ali Elliot who says that nobody from outside would be brought except for the technical expertise.

“There may be one or two specialize person for the extraction facility which we have to set up, that is persons to manage the actual science of what’s going on”.

Elliot said there are chemical properties in the plant, and there are persons who are experts on the extraction and filtration.

He said except for that area, the work belongs to Vincentians, the land belongs to Vincentians, and the wages belong to St Vincent.

“There is work; there is ample work, as long as Vincentians want to work”. As a matter of fact, the farmers will benefit twice.

Listen To Elliot Explain How This Will Take Place

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