Company Inviting Vincentians To Register land To Farm Cannabis

The lawyer for Acres Agri St Lucian Ali Elliot says that the company has been registered here in St Vincent since January 2018 soon after the announcement was made for the establishment of a cannabis industry.

Elliot said that since then they have held discussions with Minister of Agriculture, the Prime Minister and Invest SVG.

He said Acers Agri has been establishing a partnership with the banks, major sectors, the growers and famers generally.

Elliot noted that the company directors are happy with the response they have been receiving, he said currently they have employed persons who are working on the ground to seek out lands and register the lands they find suitable for farming.

“The lands will be leased, we are not here to take away any things from anyone, we have been insisting on a program where we are leasing, and we encouraged landowners to lease and not to sell, which gives you at the end of the day more control allowing you to maintain ownership over what you own”.

Elliot said that the company’s structure is created around having standardized farms, for the growth and cultivation of the cannabis plant for future extraction of the relevant elements of the plants which are needed for export.

He says the leasing package is very attractive; however, it depends on many variables including:

1 The topography of the land.
2 Quality of the soil.
3 The hours of sunlight it receives
4 Security, measures and protocols which are required for exports in Canada and other markets.

Elliot said the Acres Agri has been on a drive since the beginning of the year to invite Vincentians who have access or title to land to register with the company since it is a way to make a decent income from something already owned.

Acres Agri is located in Arnos Vale opposite Options supermarket and currently, have a number of persons employed as administrative staff.

The company involves a group of persons from various backgrounds from around the region, with ongoing projects in Grenada and Antigua.

More information available via audio.

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