Emmanuel Macron calls Australian PM’s wife ‘delicious’

(NY DAILY NEWS)– Emmanuel Macron got caught up in a crème brouhaha over a dessert-inspired compliment to the Australian Prime Minister’s wife.

The French president was on a visit Down Under when he said thank you to Malcolm Turnbull and added “thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome.”

Macron’s faux pas brought out the giggles online, with speculation as to whether he was making a joke when describing Lucy Turnbull.

He may have also had in mind the French word delicieux, which means both delicious and “delightful,” sparking theories that the president’s usually solid English had momentarily slipped.

It is not sure how much of a bad taste the remarks left, though the gastronomical slight was likely washed away with a French food and wine in Sydney event afterwards.

Macron’s visit to Australia was a stop on a tour that included a stint in the U.S. for an official state visit with President Trump.

The pair’s actions and words were hyper-dissected during the trip, during which Trump complimented his French counterpart by saying he was “perfect.”

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