104-year-old scientist says he ‘regrets’ living so long

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A 104-year-old scientist says that he is ready to die, and is going to Switzerland to legally end his life.

Prof. David Goodall, who lives in West Australia, celebrated his birthday last month, but told ABC that he “greatly (regrets) having reached that age.”

Goodall, who still does academic work after more than 70 years as an ecologist, told the outlet that he plans on flying to France to see family before going to Basel, Switzerland, to end his life.

Assisted suicide is illegal in Australia, though the state of Victoria will next year start allowing it for terminally ill patients — which the centenarian is not.

“It’s not sad, particularly. What is sad is if one is prevented,” said Goodall, who two years ago was banned from his work at Edith Cowan University over concerns about his safety before challenging and reversing the decision.

The scientist, who ABC Australia reports has unsuccessfully tried to kill himself multiple times in the last year, is an advocate of the procedure, which is illegal in the U.S. except for seven states and Washington D.C.

In other states assisted suicide is banned by homicide laws, and discussions about the issue often feature loud opposition from religious groups such as the Catholic Church.

Assisted suicide is legal under some circumstances in Switzerland, though euthanasia is not.

The group Exit International put out a call for donations before the professor’s procedure and had raised more than $19,000 by Tuesday, the day before his flight to Europe.

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