ANTIGUA – Fears of a serial killer, after third murder in two weeks

By Desmond Brown – Executive Editor CNS

(CNS) There are fears among residents here that a serial killer could be on the loose in the country after a third murder is recorded in two weeks.

All three murders were similar, in that the bodies of the victims were found tied up.

On Sunday, April 15, the decomposing body of Carlton “Pum Pum” Charles’ was found with his hands bound behind his back and his feet tied together.

“Obviously it is being treated as a murder. The fact that his hands are bound and feet, too, so we know it’s a homicide, but his body is at an advanced stage of decomposition so we cannot say what his injuries are as yet,” Inspector Frankie Thomas, a police spokesman, said after the discovery.

The police said one of Charles’ friends made the discovery when he went searching for him, after not seeing him for a few days.

Three days after the discovery of Charles’ body, the body of another man was found. The second victim was also bound by the hands and feet.

He was later identified as bodybuilding enthusiast Samuel Emmanuel Joseph who was also known as J.B. or Serj, of Bishopgate Street.

Joseph’s body was discovered at the back of a welding shop on Bishopgate Street, lying face down on the ground, with both hands bound behind his back and what appeared to be a leather belt tied around his neck. He was dressed in a yellow t-shirt and a pair of green pants.

Meanwhile, news of the discovery of a third body surfaced Friday night.

The latest victim has been identified as 31-year-old Kemmoy Jeffers of Fort Road.

Jeffers’s body was discovered around 11 p.m. lying on the ground, near a house on Fort Road. He was found, at the time, dressed only in a grey short pants, while having his left leg and neck tied.

The killings have led to unease among residents but there has been no indication from law enforcement authorities as to whether they are linked or if they suspect there is a serial killer in the country.

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