Workers arise take up your bed and walk

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It’s another year and things remain the same. Time seems to just go on it merry way. May 1st is workers day in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Do workers here understand the importance of Labour Day?

The Struggle, the pain, grief, brutality, anguish, torture, abuse it took to gain the recognition. At present it seems as if the National Labour Congress, the umbrella body of the labour Movement is as a stupendous slumber. The Labour Department is man by persons who don’t know about this struggle. Therefore, how else will workers know their rights, role and responsibility as workers?

This present regime came into office on the back of workers and promises to stand in solidarity for their rights. They promise to make the working conditions and benefits better. They promise to stand up and defend the workers at all cause. They promise to protect the right and benefits. As far as I can see these were just empty promises. The same things that was happening before is happening again to workers.

  • No severance payment,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Pension for non elect parliamentarian,
  • Pension reform without consultation and dialogue.
  • No respect for Unions and their leaders.
  • No respond to correspondences
  • Scant regards for law of the lands and regulation.
  • Abuse of the constitution.

With all these taking place the only how workers can get their rights is by standing in solidarity. All workers must unite and fight against this injustice, this moral decadence that is plaguing this blessed land.

Workers arise, take up your bed and walk. Don’t depend on any politician, social workers, so-called NGO to do for you what you are supposed to do for yourself.

  • Stand up for decent working environment.
  • Stand up for negotiation and bargaining. rights
  • Stand up for respect of constitution of country ad Union.
  • Stand up for respect of human rights.
  • Stand up for equal pay
  • Stand up for gender equality.
  • Stand up for rights to work without stigma and discrimination
  • Stand up against sexism, sexual harassment, child abuse and all social ills whether at work or in the society.

This is my humble called to all workers. We all were born with the ability. Let all use it for the betterment of all.

So long!!!!

Man on De go

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