"Ignorant People In The Diaspora Destroying My Life"

The proprietor of Nice Radio Douglas DeFreitas has offered a public apology to PM Dr Ralph Gonsalves following an incident which occurred on April 4th, but to which the owner said he was never made of aware of until the evening of Tuesday 24th April, 2018.

Douglas on his In Gear morning show said he is very upset and disturb about a matter which took place while he was not on the island, but in the United States looking after his health.

 On the 4th April, 2018  a caller to the New Times program accused Dr Gonslaves of having an account at the Swiss Bank with over US 20 Million dollars.

“I have always told persons who do programs here, when someone call and say something and you don’t have the proof to verify what the person is saying as truth, you can’t allow that person to continue even with a conversation”.

De Freitas said what Colin Graham host of the New Times Program should have done was to say he does not have the proof of which you speak and am going to end this conversation.

“Failing to do that, Dr Gonsalves now, I was on my sick bed last night, I got a call to say that he said he is going to sue Nice Radio again, I can’t put up with this thing forever”.

De Freitas said just recently he had paid 150, 000 dollars to Dr Gonsalves and some years ago 200,000 dollars from contributions and some of his own money.

“This thing is becoming a problem for us here at Nice Radio, some time ago I thought of taking all talk show programs off the air because it seems like we are not getting anywhere”.

De Freitas said last year he had to apologise to Dr Gonsalves on a matter of LIAT, where a post that was written in Barbados, stated that Dr Gonsalves and some other politician in the region may have owned some LIAT Plane, which was broadcast here on Nice Radio he said.

“ I had to apologise to that, and several times on other matters on which he accepted, recently I asked him to forgive 60,000 dollars on the balance of a judgment, which he did, and it came down to 10,000 dollars to pay the Lawyer”.

“I have done all those things, but we have a lot of ignorant people who sit in the diaspora and believe they can just pick up a phone and call SVG and say things because they are not living here, and they speak as if they have authority”.

De Freitas said that talk show host must recognize that they can’t allow these things to happen since it jeopardises the very voice that they have.

“I want to publicly apologise again, I have to put up with all this stress, in respect to all these legal issues I have to deal with, it’s destroying the company and my life”.

“I apologise to you Sir, and I will be writing you an apology, and I hope you accept it”.

De Freitas said for all those ignorant persons out there who feel they can say what they like here, you will have to desist, or he will instruct the host of any program to cut the call.

“ It is becoming ridiculous now,” he said.

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