(17) New Bulletproof Vest Donated to The Police

Seventeen (17) new bulletproof vests were donated to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on Tuesday 24th April, 2018, by Vincentian National, Mr. Lantie Castello, a Police Officer currently working in the New York City Sheriff’s Department, United States of America for the past twenty eight (28) years.

In accepting the donation, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph conveyed thanks on behalf of Commissioner of Police, Colin John and the ranks and file of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

The Deputy stated that, it is always a good thing when citizens of St Vincent give back to the Police.  He stated that, if the police have to fight crime alone, then the organization would not be successful as it would want to be, as he outlined the donation of additional resources to be one that is well needed.

The Deputy reflected on the issue of crime in St Vincent over the past few years and highlighted the rise in gun crimes throughout the country. He pointed out that most of the homicides committed now are done through the use of firearms and therefore praised Mr. Castello for his timely and much-needed donation.

Deputy Joseph stated that the safety of police officers are paramount and there are times when the men and women within the police force are short of or do not have the necessary protective armour, but still have to risk their lives to go out and risk their lives to ensure that the citizenry is safe.

He opined that the donation will go a long way in protecting police officers whilst on duty. DCP Joseph stated that with the donation of the vests, he is sure that the police officers will feel much safer carrying out their duty, knowing that they are protected and will definitely put an extra effort in performing their duties.

In commending Mr. Castello for his kind donation, the Deputy Commissioner said he hopes that other business houses in St Vincent and Grenadines would feel motivated to make similar and other donations to the police to aid in fighting crime.

In making brief remarks, Mr Lantie Castello stated that he sees the need in keeping up with 21st-century law enforcement. He recounted the previous conversations he had with Deputy Commissioner Joseph in getting enhanced body armour for the police which took him a year before he could have delivered.

Mr Castello expressed the view that saving one police officers’ life is a good thing and that, as law enforcement officers we are all in it together.

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