Vincentian With Leukaemia Fighting For Life In The UK

A Vincentian national who just three weeks ago was a part of the British Navy is now fighting for his life at a medical facility in Birmingham England.

Vaughan Scott a father of two who is diagnosed with and is being treated for leukaemia at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and has been told there’s only a slim chance of survival without a bone marrow transplant.

He is making a desperate plea from his hospital bed in Birmingham for more black people to join the bone marrow register.

In an interview with BBC Midlands on Friday 20th, April Scott said his days were normal and then suddenly there were serious chest pains, lots of fatigue and shortness of breath.

Scott is said to have an aggressive form of Leukaemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, his life and future may depend on a stem cell transplant, however that depends on finding a donor.

Scott told the interviewer that without a donor, he would have to do chemotherapy.

“ I think my body can take as much as it can until it says no more, I mean am smiling but that’s the reality, I have a serious condition”.

The couple is hoping for the best.

According to the BBC Midlands, there are about 1.3 Million on the bone marrow registry, 33,000 are of black or African descent, people from black or minority community have a 20 percent chance of finding a donor.

BBC Midlands reported that Scott’s chances are even more remote since he is from St Vincent, and his partner is encouraging persons from the North Leeward are where Vaughan hails from to come forward to assist, all it takes is a cheek swab.

Scotts is hoping that the chemotherapy would be enough and that he would be home with his partner and two kids soon.

Written From A BBC Midlands Report

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