MEXICO: Presidential Candidate Vows To Cut Off Thieves Hands

Mexico should start cutting thieves’ hands off to stop corruption, one of the country’s presidential candidates has declared during a televised debate.

Speaking alongside four other contenders for office, outsider candidate Jaime Rodríguez, nicknamed ‘El Bronco,’ shocked the moderator by repeatedly saying he wants to bring back corporal punishment for the theft of public funds.

“We have to cut off the hands of those who rob,” Rodríguez said live on national broadcaster Telemundo ’s broadcast. “It’s that simple.”

“This is not something bad. Countries that have put corruption behind them have done it,” the controversial contender, famous for his outlandish remarks and predilection for posing on horseback, said. He did not give examples of the countries he believes have successfully defeated graft by cutting off limbs.

Bewildered, the moderator of the debate asked him to clarify his remarks several times. “You are not speaking literally, or are you?”

“Of course, of course,” Rodríguez doubled down, telling her repeatedly that the phrase was not only a figure of speech but he literally intended to submit a law to Mexican lawmakers to “cut off the hand” of someone found guilty of theft.  NEWSWEEK

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