President of Kenya says LGBT rights will not be discussed under his rule

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has been President of the African country for five years, said that being gay is “not acceptable” and “not agreeable” in Kenyan culture,  and that LGBT+ rights are “of no importance” in his country.

Sharing his views with CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour, the leader said that he wanted to be “very clear” regarding his stance on LGBT+ rights.
“I want to be very clear. I will not engage in a subject that is not of any major importance to the people and the Republic of Kenya. This is not an issue as you would want to put it, of human rights – this is an issue of society. It is an issue of our own base, our own culture as a people,” he said in the interview.
“Irregardless of which community you come from, this is not acceptable, this is not agreeable,” he continued.

“This is not about the world looking at us and saying “yes” or “no”, this is upon the people of Kenya themselves, who have bestowed a constitution. After several years, they have stated that this is not a subject they are willing to engage in at this time.”

Amanpour, who looked somewhat flabbergasted by the reaction, remarked that the leader would be “getting himself into trouble” if he continued to assert the dismissive remarks.

 “You’re going to get yourself into trouble,” remarked Amanpour.

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