Vincentian National Shot In The Face Happy To Be Alive

A Vincentian national currently residing in Brooklyn is grateful to be alive after being shot in her face by a stray bullet on the night of Friday 13th April 2018.

Police in Brooklyn said 19-year-old Garrey Walker opened fire on another teen around 5:15 p.m. Friday in Flatbush, and the 64-year-old woman got caught in the crossfire.

The former Rose Hall resident Louise Ferdinand told CBS2 in an Interview that she can’t believe she’s still here to tell her story.

“I thought I was going to die,” she said.

Her shopping trip was interrupted Friday when gunfire erupted on Flatbush Avenue, sending people running for cover.

“I just hear, ‘pow, pow, pow,’” she said. “When I get hit in my face, I fall on the ground.”

“It was a beautiful day, and I didn’t expect that,” she added.

Ferdinand, along with her daughter Felicia and toddler grandson tried dodging the bullets, ducking and running into a store.

“I’m like, ‘gunshot, gunshot.’ Then I put my son and put my head down and I hold the stroller. And when I look back, I see her like fighting to hold onto the rack, and I just saw her tumbling on the floor, falling down and trying to get up,” Felicia said. “I look at her and she look at me, and I’m like, ‘mom, did you get shot?’ And she just said, ‘yes.’”

The bullet left Louise Ferdinand a grandmother with a broken jaw and wounds on her cheek and neck.

“I thank god for sparing my life, because it could have been worse,” said Ferdinand.

The Vincentian national who did jaw surgery will spend the next several weeks at Kings County Hospital as she continues to recover.

19-year-old Gary Walker faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and assault.

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