ECGC intends on creating a foundation in Saint Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE VIA NEWS784) – St. Lucian’s may soon benefit from the East Caribbean Flour Mill (ECGC) Foundation who intends to assist needy persons in the areas of health and education.

The foundation is currently supporting individuals in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

East Caribbean Flour Mills also known as ECGC came to Saint Lucia’s shores with the aim of creating an ECGC foundation which will support and enhance the lives of St. Lucians in the Health and Education sectors.

The ECGC is currently based in St. Vincent and has been in operation for over 40 Years, as the producers of flour, animal feeds, rice and beverages. On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, The CEO of East Caribbean flour Mills Osmond Davy, met with key stakeholders to dialogue and discuss the way forward in the development of the foundation.

“In St. Vincent we have been giving support to the community college and the UWI open Campus assisting students who are needy in terms of books and form of tuition and from the health prospective, needy folks who needy folks who need medical attention by just cannot afford it we would make a contribution to that particular cause.

The offer for Saint Lucia is quite similar that’s why today we are speaking to the community college, the National Community Foundation, The Minister of Health to give an idea of what the foundation does and how we can partner with the key groups in Saint Lucia or if we could have one group that we partner with and the will be responsible for doing the necessary disbursements”.

Davy explains how the foundation will be sustained:

“The 10 cents per bag is based on the number bags of products that is sold per year. That money flows to the foundation. Also, the directors of the company the board of director member have agreed that they make their director fees available to the foundation and that is a substantial amount of money in terms you know.

We also obtain funds from suppliers of grains they would give us so many tons of wheat, corn or soya which would be converted into finished products flow back to the foundation to sustain the cost and the development”.

Following the establishment of the foundation in Saint Lucia, it is the intention of the ECGC to extend similar support to Antigua and Dominica.

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