In exercise of the powers conferred by the Price and Distribution of Goods Act (Cap 161), Cabinet has granted approval for changes to be made to the prices of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (GAS) as of Monday April 16th, 2018, as detailed below:

Maximum retail prices for LPG Cylinders as of May 10, 2018
LPG Area 1 Area II Area III Area IV
100 lb $180.77 $180.77 $180.77 $201.77
25 lb $45.19 $46.19 $47.19 $50.19
20 lb $37.15 $38.15 $39.15 $42.15

Area I: means areas within a radius of two miles of the court house, Kingstown (approximately Kingstown to Arnos Vale/villa area on the windward side and Kingstown to Lowmans Lwd on the Leeward side);

Area II: means areas adjoining Area I extending from Area I north-east to Langley Park and north-west to keartons including all areas lying between Langley Park and Keartons;

Area III: means all areas on the mainland, other than those falling within Area I & II

 Area IV: Grenadines.

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