Prudent Economic Planning should never be replaced with Begging

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A most hopeless period in abject poverty, more undignified national begging both now and in the future, faces Vincentians because of Governmental economic incompetence, dictatorship and the failure to invest in our economic future. That is what awaits St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

History is always written by the victorious but the future is for us to shape. During the period of British rule, when “overt slavery” was the norm in the Caribbean, our ancestral slaves were enticed into submitting to a most hideous ideology, a false ideology at that. (Supremacy in form and in the European Colonization and profound dominance)

An ideology purporting that slaves as captive people, were “good for nothing” indeed that they could not help ourselves. That they were to be treated like untamed feral children, to be given all of the “basic” things that they need for preserving life, provided that is, they remained as “obedient Slaves”, childlike and domesticated. Chattel and Cattle like!

They were not competent enough to make anything for themselves, so the ideology went, as they were wholly incapable. That they were a collection of savage helpless individuals fit only for the supervised plantation. “Plantation fodder, Chattel” to be ruled over!

This ideology still persist today and is indeed fully promoted by the “pseudo-socialists” who benefits from the outworking’s of such an ideology. Only that it now takes the form of “Social programs”.

The fact that there are so many poor and destitute individuals in these islands of ours help in promoting the assumption, that we are only truly poor, because we are indeed hopeless and that it is “top down help” that we need. To be treated like irresponsible children and to be helped like children. Not self-help encouragement in an enterprise culture but in Government social projects. Social housing, social support, social props!

To remedy our poverty a ruse is vigorously promoted by those claiming themselves to be Socialist. The ruse of the “pseudo-socialists”, is to promise to correct our dire poor situation by “new jobs creation” in Government and in government “social projects”.

In their so doing, we are to “own the Government” they say but nothing could be more further from the truth in reality, than our owning the Government.

Creating “none-jobs” in the Government bureaucracy together with taking land and or money from those who have, and to give to the have not, (practically all), the mass for that fact, while our benevolent Government would become our benevolent “PAPA”. (…. in loco parentis they allude!)

Indeed, there is no work required on our part. Our “Benevolent Socialist Papa” …. in loco parentis, will be looking out for us. One way or the other, papa will bring home the bacon, making our lives much more tolerable and even much, much the better.

However, ruined economise follow these shrouded crooks who aspire to be PAPA in government, these so-called socialist and “fakes” the world over, with established democracies being put in utter profound peril through their inevitable dictatorships.

Yet from time to time, individuals like them, ditching their pretended pseudo Marxist garb and calling themselves “socialist”, popup in impoverish nations like SVG every now and then, offering themselves as “saviours of the people” while all the while, hiding their real and true intent of a “power grab”, “dictatorship” and “Treasury looting” and sometimes setting themselves up as rulers for life.

Driven by an unquenchable  thirst for power and wealth, once these nefarious rogues are successful in gaining political office, they often then set about securing their power base by destroying all known Civil and Civic institutions, some setting themselves up as “rulers for life”, to be followed only by their close family members.

Trending from farther/Son. Husband/wife or brother/son-in-law. They often tell us that they and their family or crony are our “God given” rulers.

We see this standard ruse and well known subterfuge attempted in Brazil, Zimbabwe, in Libya with Muammar Gaddafi recently, in Cuba with Fidel Castro, in Venezuela with Hugo Chávez followed by Nicolás Maduro, and very subtlety in St. Vincent by Ralph Gonsalves. In SVG we are now being readied for an anointed succession!

The inevitable sad result that follows this political ruse and deception of the people, to accept rule by a governmental Papa and their anointed succession, is even more staggering poverty and yet more subjugation, but for the dictatorship, its great opulence in living and hidden sumptuous lavishness.

St Vincent fledgling Democracy was put in peril from the day the U.L.P and its leader, family and cronies took up office. A “freedom of information Bill” was promised to the nation before their election to office, now near on eighteen years, however this Bill has never seen the light of day.  Nor can feral children ever be trusted to exercise freedom of thoughts!

The now infamous “Freedom of Information Bill” has been shelved by the deceitful charlatans who then took up office, and is now wholly forgotten by the poor who are more concerned with empty bellies, paying bills, with finding something to eat rather than with Government accountability, sovereignty or the right to know what the Government is doing.

Indeed, while the per capita income / per capita growth for the nations and average incomes plummets as was readily seen over the years in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela and now in St. Vincent, the ruling Dictatorship and their lackeys often enjoy the high life.

In the case of St. Vincent our Machiavellian leader have resorted to begging the country’s way around the world for economic support to all and sundry, because of our now ruined economy.

The SVG Government vigorously pushes the begging bowl and begs of any foolish world leader, who would listen to moan full stories, of a nation, that cannot help itself. (Reparation may come in handy too, after all just look at who we are!) But as the Venezuelan people starve Nicolás Maduro refuse to do to beg for food parcels.

For sure when prudent National Economic Planning and good individual enterprises are replaced with undignified national begging the world over, economic disaster is likely to follow.

Indeed this small nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines cannot help itself because of the incompetence in leadership, Government misrule and a dynastic family dictatorship. The same incompetence in Government that now hampers Venezuela, this once prosperous nation, now being brought to its knees by the Nicolás Maduro Dictatorship.

And as the hungry Venezuelans run for the closest border, hunt stray dogs and other pets for food, in these our impoverished small pieces of filthy rocks SVG, once known as the “land of the blessed”, its ruler readies himself to pass on his sceptre to his inheriting son, the anointed, in order to carry on their dynastic rule.

This all being done in the midst of our stinking poverty and without so much as a raised eyebrow from a population far too politically week and too dunce to notice anything amiss.

No doubt Government here has become the biggest employer for sure, with the Government bureaucracy being stuffed with the ruling party’s faithful’s, all engaged in large numbers of “none jobs,” while Purchase Taxes, even on such basics as salt and other commodities is now reaching eye watering levels.  Imports into this Country too, attract excessively high Taxes, so too is the material support sent by families abroad.

An enterprise culture is no longer encouraged. Crime has become rife indeed endemic with violent crimes, as to be expected, including Murder, being now off the scale. The “Court system” cannot be relied upon. We are told that we can go to as many Court system in the world that we may wish to choose but in the end, we will have to return to Papa! Support the regime’s dictatorship or you and your family will starve!

 As with Cuba, Zimbabwe and Venezuela our ruling party through their poor economic planning have caused a tremendous reduction in what little prosperous “legal business” activities there once was in St Vincent. We are yet to reach the near collapsed of legal enterprises altogether, as is now the case in Venezuela.

However, we cannot be too far behind Cuba, Zimbabwe or Venezuela, as it is only a matter of time before our “donor countries” like Taiwan “with their large pots of money”, The E.U, Canada, Britain and the likes, gets completely fed up with our economic incompetence and persistent annual begging bowl presentation.

Where indeed would this continual and incessant undignified national begging take us in the next eighteen to twenty years or so, when the Children being born today, reach their working age?

Where oh’ where would the jobs in SVG be generated to accommodate these new entrance to the workforce here? All Industries have been decimated. Husbandry all but lost because of prevailing lawlessness and some businesses have departed to other climes.

Remittances, food barrels and other support from family members abroad, are being relied upon more and more, for daily survival by many as the joblessness and crime takes their toll on the nation.

The way forward most surely, cannot be the way of the now ruling elite, to beg and beg our way around the world, in the hope of pity by the world’s nations at large! Begging the world for economic support cannot forever be substituted for proper prudent economic planning and a good enterprise culture.

According to Ivan O’Neal of the SVG Green Party, we need to do things much, much more differently, if we are to succeed in the years ahead.

For us to continue along this path to which the ruling elite has taken us, with higher and higher taxes, incessant begging abroad and rampant crony capitalism, cloaked in deceitful socialism, the result will only be in our experiencing even more extensive poverty.

Yet Ivan O’Neal of the SVG Green Party’s words of warning is however, falling on profoundly deaf ears, because most Vincentians have not been educationally equipped, to evaluate their most perilous and precarious economic situation. A situation the regime relishes, despite its bogus claim, of an education revolution.

 Other Vincentians appears to be suffering from an ailment known as “Stockholm Syndrome” flocking to music and dance get-togethers given by the elite, something one individual Vincentian recently termed as gross dysfunctional behaviour on the part of his fellow countryman.

Many a dim-witted Vincentian could be overheard to repeat the deceitful mantra of the regime of “the Airport”, “the Airport,” “the Airport,” in the hope that somehow the newly completed Airport will deliver for them a “mountain of Gold.” These individuals cannot recognise the fact that this country offer precious little by way of tourist attractions to a would-be tourist.

As a destination to the would be tourist, the mainland is more akin to a festering slum, Beaches sprawling with filth, a Townscape with dilapidated Buildings, stinking uncovered drains teeming with large Rats.

If Ivan O’Neal of the SVG Green Party is correct, and there is every indication that he is, this bankruptcy in thoughts and in our Government’s poor economic planning ability, can only lead to most terrible unspeakable poverty for us in the near future, as we have failed to protect our democracy, failed to build proper learning institutions, failed to educate properly, failed to provide viable industries, failed to be industrious and are failing to work for a prosperous future, our pursuing national begging as the desired option.


James. H

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