Man In Viral Video Identified As Vincentian National

A series of now viral videos making their rounds on social media platform, Facebook, appear to show two Caribbean men held captive by Spanish speaking abductors, one of whom News784 has been informed is a Vincentian National from Union Island in the Southern Grenadines.

The video clip shows two men, one of whom pleads on behalf of both men for help in saving their lives.

The men are seen sitting in what appears to be a living room setting.

The dreadlocked spokesman, dark in complexion and of average build, asks for monies to be sent to facilitate their release from their alleged captors.

The spokesman notes that the other man could not have spoken since he suffers from bouts of epilepsy.

The video showed the other man exhibiting his tongue for the individual recording the video. His tongue appeared to show severe bite marks.

In the video, the pleading man said that he was the father of two children and wished for money to be sent for them to return.

The man in Green pants and red cap is said to be Vincentian

He noted that they were “only the driver(s)” and had nothing to do with whatever might have taken place.

There was no mention however of where they actually being held.

In a second video that surfaced, the two men were seen standing next to a wall with their hands bound.

A Spanish speaking man was seen perched on the wall above both men holding a gun, swinging the weapon from side to side, hitting both men in the head in the process.

The individual continues to speak to both men in a Spanish, while the men again are seen begging for their lives.

News784 through its own investigation found that the spokesman, known only as “Cedric” is a resident of Union Island and hails from the village of Ashton.

News784 understands that the men in the video went on a journey via boat heading south of Union Island. The purpose of their voyage has not been determined.

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