National Stadium Setbacks, Government To Deliver Syntactic Track

There is a design for the national stadium, this according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves was responding to South Leeward representative Nigel Stephenson who told parliament it is time government deliver on their promise of a time for sports.

Gonsalves said the cost of the stadium in 2008 had a cost of 56 Million.

The government had stated in December of 2001 that they had already allocated some 4 million dollars from Libya towards the project; the first phase should have started in 2002.

He said at that time the government had just finished all of the playing fields including the Arnos Vale sporting complex.

“We had intended to come back to it in 2009 and 2010, but the truth is, all of us were under serve pressure from the global economic meltdown, natural disasters for which we had to borrow a lot of money, for bridges, roads, and houses”.

Gonsalves said all of these things should be taken into context.

“If anyone doubt about the strategy about making fields available, one just have to go to South Rivers or Park Hill, Cumberland or Hope Playing Field in Vermont”.

Gonsalves said the Minister of Sports is working on a Synthetic track.

“We have some resources in the estimates for the first phase, and the Finance bill debated on Thursday 5th April is also seeking monies for that project”.

Gonsalves did not give a timeframe for the delivery of the track.

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