I had To Override The Public Servants Says PM

There will always be complaints,  however,  we must make sure that such does not metamorphous into a permanent condition of dissatisfaction,  engineered by those who wish people to believe that is the case when is not so.

The above was said by PM Gonsalves while speaking about what the government has done for athletes in SVG.

Gonsalves said the residence of former Prime Minister at Shrewsbury, was handed over to sports when they came to office.

“ It has been used as a locale for persons to stay and train, and now it’s a home for swimming, that’s where the swimmers do their work”.

Gonsalves said at first the public servants did not want it, however, he had to override that decision.

“I had to do it, I told them to let the young people use the facility, ideas came for it be to used as a hotel, a training school, but there are other places we can do that”.

Gonsalves said the government has spent a great deal of money on the sporting facility, stating that we must talk also about what is happening and not what has not happened.

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