Minister of Transport and Works Hon Senator Julian Francis has announced that efforts are being made to upgrade and modernize the building in Kingstown that houses the House of Assembly and the Courthouse among other offices.

During a ministerial statement in Parliament today Francis says that the stability of the building has been deteriorating and given its importance, they will be moving to upgrade it, following proper evaluations and assessments by experts.

Francis says that one of the major problems with the building is the presence of termites. He also noted that they do not plan to demolish the building but rather try to maintain its aesthetics.

The Minister said that they have already identified two buildings for possible alternative accommodation for the occupants.

These are the E.T Joshua Terminal Building at Arnos Vale and the Lyric building in Kingstown.

Minister Francis gave the assurance that they will be moving quickly to allocate the appropriate accommodation for the offices that will be affected.

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