Gunmen Storm House In Walker Piece

Two masked men brandishing guns stormed into a house in the Walker Piece community sometime after 12 pm on Friday 6th April 2018.

A woman and child were the only occupants of the house at the time.

During the incident the gunmen asked the female about another occupant of the house, she told the gunmen the Individual was not at home.

Their response to her was “We Shall Return”.

The men according to reports received by News784, ransacked the home. Among the items removed were a laptop, money and baby shoes.

The female and child did not suffer any physical injuries during the ordeal.

In a twist to the incident, a man who stopped by the house unaware as to what was taking place was held up while the gunmen made their escape.

The individual had his ATM cards taken away by the masked men.

Police arrived on the scene sometime after, and searched the area, however, the bandits had already fled.

An investigation into the matter is continuing.

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